Ezra works with a range of dynamic humanitarian aid focused partners and organizations and is always looking to expand its partnership network. The following are our key categories for potential partnership consideration:

Mobile Network Operator (MNO)

Inter-Governmental Organization or UN Agency

Foundation or Charity Fund

International and Local NGO

Fintech/EduTech/GreenTech Company

Ezra’s partner network includes:

Keeping more people, more connected, more often

DT One provides mobile operators with the infrastructure and services they need to help migrant workers stay in touch with their family and friends back home.
Today, it operates a leading global network for mobile top-up solutions, innovative mobile rewards, and Phone-to-Phone solutions.

Its global network delivers better infrastructure and access to digital communications for over five billion across emerging economies, enabling them to stay better connected and as a result, to participate more actively in the global economy.

Delivering real time cross-border payments

Thunes is a payment network which enables the seamless movement of funds across borders. A single connection with the company allows people to reach new markets using multiple payment options in more than 100 countries.

Saving time and resources on developing countless integrations to multiple systems, Thunes provides a single effective connection to the world. Its network makes it possible for Mobile Wallet Operators, Corporations, Merchants, Money Transfer Operators and Banks to move funds in real time to and from emerging countries.