Ezra directs timeous aid to those whose work it is to help the most vulnerable and remote communities, and within such communities.

Our reach connects those in need across the world with practical solutions to help people navigate through extreme and challenging situations, whether it is mobilising medical professionals with connectivity in a pandemic or giving migrant workers far from home transactional help, enabling them to send money back to their families..

Ezra delivers information and transactions directly to billions around the world, simultaneously, seamlessly and securely.

Through proprietary technology and partnerships with mobile networks and financial institutions, we enable:

Enhanced connectivity and efficiency for organizations’ operations.

Ability to quickly reach vast target audiences all over the world.

Ability to send value directly and immediately to intended recipients’ phones in their local currency.

Participation in meaningful actions through micro reward incentives.

Migrant workers are some of the worst affected by COVID-19. Connectivity can provide relief from the uncertainty:

Keeping migrant workers connected so they can access news, messaging, health alerts, telemedicine and education content.
Keeping their families connected so they can stay in touch, informed, and have access to health providers
Facilitating low cost remittances directly to their families to keep support systems running
Each country requires a different communication strategy
Local language and context adaptation is essential
Lower smartphone adoption means SMS based communication can be more effective

This is how Ezra can help to power global aid:

International Airtime Transfer

Enabling migrant workers to top-up their family members so they can stay connected and facilitating their remittances directly, securely and cost effectively.

International Money Transfer

Disbursing aid directly, securely and cost effectively to bank accounts and mobile wallets globally.

Keeping People Connected

Keeping People Connected - Airtime & Data distribution and the provision thereof for field agents, volunteers and vulnerable communities in all countries, keeping them connected in real time.

Disseminating Critical Information

Communicating directly with vulnerable populations through SMS messages delivered by mobile operators.

Incentivised Continued Learning

Powering incentivises learning programs and other meaningful actions to trigger sustained motivation.

Facilitation of Mid-Day Meal Vouchers

Delivering SMS based food coupons directly to people in countries with existing partnerships with food banks.