Who We Are

Ezra’s vision is to partner with organisations to enable a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable communities through digital and financial inclusion. Ezra’s purpose is to enable the guaranteed arrival of aid to its intended recipient/s without any leakage.

Ezra was born to harness the reach and strength of our partner network to power global aid through technology. Our network of partners, including DTOne and Thunes, connects billions of people through proprietary technology and agreements with mobile networks and financial institutions around the world.

As a result, our reach is reliable and expansive, spanning over 160 countries and transacting in more than 100 currencies. This puts Ezra in the unique position to unlock and harness technology for positive social impact:

Communicating critical information directly to users’ mobile phones via mass sms.

Delivering airtime and data to enable connectivity for those in need and non-profits’ staff.

Transferring funds safely and securely to recipients.

Ezra is able to seamlessly unlock large-scale partnerships for large-scale positive impact.